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A gable is the pointed portion of a wall with a dual-pitched roof. A building with two gables has four walls, so a house with seven gables could have as many as 14 exterior walls. A house this size would have extensions or wings, so some of the gables will be at right angles to one another.

A roof with a gabled end, or ends, is less than ideal in regions that are subjected to high winds, such as those experienced during a hurricane. The surface of the roof behaves like the wing of an aircraft. If the wind catches on the leeward edge of the roof, sufficient lift may be created to raise the roof. Killeen roofing is subject to hurricane-force winds, but this feature may be counter-acted by having a steep roof, which is actually better able to stand up to strong winds.

A gabled roof does have other redeeming features. It is cheaper to install and so it costs less than the alternative design, a hipped roof. A gabled roof also has the advantage of more functional space available in the attic. In areas where local building codes forbid multiple stories, this is a clever way of gaining extra living space.

A steeply sloping roof makes it easier for rain and snow to run off. Not only does this remove the extra weight of a heavy snowfall and alleviate the risk of a cave-in, but it also retards leakages.

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Water does not run as efficiently off a shallow roof, so these tend to be subject to leaks.

Properly ventilated, a steep roof will be cooler in the summer. Air flows in through vents at the bottom edge of the roof or in the soffit and upward through the attic, escaping through vents along the ridge. Prevailing wisdom is 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of roofing.

Popular coverings for steep roofs include clay, cedar shakes or quarried slate, all of which have been used for centuries. Of these, clay has the lowest life cycle cost. New technologies have led to the development of formerly low-slope materials for steep roofs, inlcuding asphalt shingles, metal and lightweight plastics.

If the house has one or more chimneys, it doesn't matter what materials are used to cover the roof for example, asphalt shingles, metal, rubber or concrete. Breaking the plane of the roofing introduces the potential for leakages in between the chimney and the roof itself. This is where flashing, a thin strip of weatherproof material, should be used to prevent the passage of water. Flashing is available in continuous strips or as short lengths.

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