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There are many roofing options for homeowners, but one of the more uncommon choices is a flat roof. Killeen roofing experts recommend flat roofs in a number of situations. For example, it's the perfect option for a homeowner who is on a budget and looking to extend the use of the roof. Flat roofs are easier for professionals to build, so they take less time to construct. However, flat roofs still have a number of problems, some of which are not problems that traditional roofs have to deal with.

The first thing that homeowners should take note of is that most flat roof problems are caused by lack of maintenance. Just like any other covering, flat roofs require professional maintenance at least twice a year. During general maintenance, homeowners should also have roofers perform inspections so that they can catch newly forming problems or existing problems before they get out of hand. In the long run, this will save homeowners money. During inspections, the roofers will check the roof coverings and other fixtures such as attic vents and flashing.

The first and most common problem that flat roofs have is pooling water. Even flat roofs have a slight slope to them so that water drains off.

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Unfortunately, there are factors that can affect the ability of the roof to drain water correctly. For example, flat roofs have a tendency to blister over time if they are exposed to extreme heat. This causes ripples in the covering, which leads to the formation of pockets for water to pool in. Also, debris from trees during the spring and fall can make it difficult for water to drain. This is why it's best to hire professionals to do general maintenance during the spring and fall; they can remove any fallen debris from the roof.

Another problem that homeowners have to be aware of is punctures. Since this style of roof lays flat, it has an increased chance of becoming punctured by foot traffic, animals or other falling objects such as hail. Homeowners who use their flat roofs as extended areas of their homes are most likely to get punctures from foot traffic.

Getting these problems addressed quickly is of the utmost importance for homeowners. In some cases, failing to address them can lead to a loss of the manufacturer warranty. For example, most manufacturer warranties have a clause that states that homeowners have to deal with pooling water right away or the warranties become void because pooling water is a sign that the roofs weren't installed correctly or that maintenance is not being performed. Both are in violation of most manufacturer warranties.

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