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It wasn't that long ago that going green at home meant keeping a compost pile, growing a few fruits and vegetables and reusing rainwater. Thanks to the dedication of a few manufacturers around the world, going green today can mean building new additions on a home and replacing existing features with new products that do less to harm the environment. Killeen roofing companies remain up to date on the products that clients want and the hottest trends and ideas used by other roofing companies and contractors. With new green roofing materials, homeowners can save money and protect their homes when repairing their roofs.

One of the hottest roofing trends right now is the use of recycled shingles when replacing broken or missing shingles on a roof. Manufacturers take old ties, old shingles and other products that might otherwise go into a landfill, break down those materials and add new ingredients and components before sending the mixture through a machine or placing the mixture in molds to create new tiles. Manufacturers can use a similar method to make new tiles from old tiles.

Wood shingles are another environmentally friendly roofing material.

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The biggest difference between traditional wood shingles and wood shake shingles is in the manufacturing process. While companies cut shake shingles by hand, they use precise cutting machines when creating wood shingles. This ensures that every shingle is the same size and shape. Though beautiful, shake and wood shingles are best as decorative elements. Builders can add the shingles to the gable of a house, on the dormers or even on the walls. As it isn't fireproof, wood generally isn't a good choice for roofs.

Homeowners may also opt for products with a high Energy Star ratings. Products only receive this rating if the manufacturer can show that the products use less energy and are environmentally friendly. One such product is a reflective material added to the surface of a roof after the installation of new shingles. This reflective material absorbs the light and heat produced by the sun and keeps that heat from penetrating the house and increasing its internal temperature, which helps keep cooling bills low.

Metal roofing has some benefits for the environment as well. It lasts longer than shingles do and is recyclable. When the homeowners replace their roof later, they can recycle the old panels or shingles. Roofing companies can offer more suggestions for homeowners on which roofing products are the most environmentally friendly.

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