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The roof is the best protection a family has from the elements, but rain, wind and heat are not the only environmental factors that might damage the roof. Trees, leaves and mold, if not addressed in a timely manner, can threaten the livelihood of both the roof and gutters. For example, if a tree limb breaks off in the middle of a storm and falls on the roof, most homeowners would call in a nearby Killeen roofing contractor to take care of the problem right away.

However, twigs, leaves and other debris that are deposited on the roof during a windy day can become caught in the valleys or underneath a few lifted shingles. If dirt or wet leaves build up on the back side of the roof where they are hidden from view or tucked away in the dormer seams, they might begin to break down. Any moisture caught underneath the foliage will cause shingles to deteriorate. Consistent moisture, even if the roof isn't leaking yet, will make the organic matter on the roof decay as well.

When debris and wet leaves build up on the roof, they often find their way into the gutters. Since the gutters and downspouts are designed to shuttle water away from the roof and the home's foundation, anything that becomes trapped inside the gutters can interfere with their ability to do their job.

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Piles of decomposing leaves will result in rainwater backing up and pooling on top of the roof. If the roof's edge stays consistently wet, the water can work its way underneath the shingles and eventually begin to damage the roof deck. Once wet, the roof deck can begin to rot and crumble. Moisture can also cause the fascia board behind the gutter system to develop mold and incur damage.

Mold spores blown in by the wind can become easily trapped in the foliage and other damp debris. Moisture and warmth provide the perfect environment for algae and mold to grow. That can be a serious problem for hotter climates. Since mold often looks like dirt when viewed from the ground, homeowners might think the streaks can be taken care of at a later date, but mold isn't just unsightly. If mold works its way across the shingles, it can become quite destructive. Not only will it weaken the shingles and potentially cause the roof to leak, but it will also endanger the homeowner's health.

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