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Killeen Roofing: Article About Dry Season Also Means Roof Maintenance

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Mother Nature will at times bring years full of rain, and then have years where there is simply not enough. These drought years are just as detrimental as years with too much rain. When the roof is bombarded with rain, it struggles with the ability to drain properly. However, moisture also helps keep shingles from drying out throughout the year. There's some key advice Killeen roofing professionals tell homeowners when they want to keep their roofs working efficiently.

Gutters are a home's way of directing the water from the roof away from the building to prevent rotting and other potential damage. During the dry, hot season, gutters need to be checked to make sure they are not cracking. The debris that accumulates in the trough during the rain will dry and become attached to the walls, potentially hiding leaks. Worse yet, they can prevent proper draining by clogging the downspouts in the next rainstorm.

In addition to gutters, homeowners will also want to check the ventilation on the roof. When the summer air is trapped in the attic space, the home is unable to cool efficiently.

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Homeowners will see higher utility bills, but it will also cause damage to belongings stored in the attic. Homes rely on ventilation to allow hot air to flow out of the home, as well as allowing cooler air to flow in.

The actual shingles will also need to be checked when it has been very dry out. While tile and metal roofs handle the heat well, wood shingles are likely to peel or fall off in the heat. With the greater chance of falling due to loose shingles, it is best to have a professional perform the inspection. The best part about having a lengthy dry season is the ability to repair the roof before snowfall.

The dry season is very hard on roofs, but it is also when most homeowners become lazy in checking for damage. Wind gusts have the ability to cause dried out shingles (asphalt or wood) to blow off and without routine inspections, homeowners are left to call for emergency services when the rain moves back in.

This is another reason why most roofing professionals suggest that you check your roof at least once during every season to make sure everything is in good condition. It is better to have a professional perform the inspection while it is dry than after a rainstorm.

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