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Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of installing concrete roof tiles; however, this type of roof doesn't come without some potential issues to be aware of. The problems associated with concrete roofs can often be overcome by choosing a Killeen roofing contractor with experience installing concrete roof tiles. The process of installing concrete tiles is much more difficult than asphalt tiles and requires experience and training.

These tiles are manufactured using various types of cement, aggregates such as fly ash and sand, and water to bind the mixture. Concrete tiles are available in a variety of colors and textures as well as flat, low and high profiles. Concrete tiles are also available as either standard weight or lightweight tiles, but the lightweight tiles are typically much more fragile and prone to breakage if walked on or subjected to heavy hail or snow.

A concrete tile roof that is properly installed as well as correct battens, flashing and underlayment can provide a reliable roof for 40 to 50 years. While concrete tile roofs are more expensive than common asphalt shingles, these roofs also tend to last much longer, making them extremely cost effective in the long run.

Many homeowners turn to concrete shingles as an effective way to provide a durable roof without the high cost typically associated with high end materials such as ceramic tile, slate and metal shingles.

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Concrete tiles also offer exceptional fire resistance. A concrete tile roof is generally considered a Class A fire rated roof, giving it exceptional protection from fire damage.

Of course, even lightweight concrete tiles can result in a heavy roof. In fact, lightweight tiles typically weigh approximately 7.5 pounds per square foot with standard weight tiles averaging 10 to 11 pounds per square foot. Concrete tiles are wind resistant and, when properly nailed, will generally not be prone to blow off. These tiles are also extremely durable and can withstand hail and heavy snow without damage.

Homeowners often choose concrete tiles because of their ability to stand up to many types of weather without cracking or breaking. However, it is important to keep in mind that as a single ply roofing system, concrete tile roofs are susceptible to moisture penetration during high winds. This is typical with any type of tile roof, but a good quality underlayment that is properly installed can help protect the roof deck from exposure to water that can lead to leaks.

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