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The look and style that homeowners want for their roof often plays a key factor in deciding what material they have Killeen roofing professionals install. For example, if homeowners want the look of wood, they are typically limited to wood products. However, a variety of materials can be used to make roof coverings resemble almost any other material on the market. These are known as composition roofs.

The term composition roofing refers to a roofing material that is manufactured from a combination, or composite, of materials. Many composition roofs feature tar paper, asphalt shingles or asbestos shingles. Since this type of roof is made from a combination of materials, it comes in a wide range of styles and colors. Manufacturers can apply texture and mold the roofing materials into just about any shape that the homeowners want. The end result is an extremely versatile roofing material.

The most common type of composite roof is the strip shingle, also known as the three tab shingle, because it is the lowest cost material on the market. This particular style occurs when strips of composite material are attached to the roofing deck in an overlapping pattern.

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Another composite style is dimensional or laminated shingles, which is a bit thicker than the three tab shingle approach. When homeowners choose this style of composition roofing, they usually want the end result to look like wood shakes or shingles. Although dimensional shingles are thick, they aren't as strong or thick as hail resistant shingles, which are another style of composition roofing. As the name suggests, these types of shingles are made thick so that they can protect homes from falling objects such as hail.

While there are many options available to homeowners considering composite roofing, there are still a few factors they may want to talk to a professional roofer about before making a final decision. For example, the homeowners' budget will play a huge role in material choice. Hail resistant shingles are considered one of the best and can be made to look like any other roof covering. However, they are also the most expensive type of composition roofing, which may deter some homeowners.

The biggest drawback to composite roofing is that it doesn't work well for low pitched or flat roofs. In these cases, homeowners will have to go with another option such as coal tar. Homeowners should talk to a professional roofer to see what other options are available to them.

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