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No matter how busy a homeowner is with other home maintenance tasks, proper roof care should always take top priority. If not, the shingles and other important roof structures will begin to show significant wear and tear, resulting in leaks or deterioration. Hiring a professional Killeen roofing company to perform annual inspections on the roof is a good way for busy homeowners to keep on top of any problems before they grow into major renovation projects.

A major leak in the roofing structure isn't always visible to homeowners. However, there are many warning signs that, if paid attention to, can prevent damage to the deck sheathing, attic insulation, home's wiring and other interior structures. Age and weather conditions can affect the life of the shingles. Spotting problems early on will greatly reduce the cost of repairs and can prevent the need for a total roof replacement.

Broken or missing shingles is one of the most visible issues that a homeowner might notice. Missing shingles interfere with the roof's ability to drain water into the gutters.

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The exposed tar paper or felt becomes severely vulnerable when left open to the elements and can quickly become a means of entry for moisture to start breaking down the roof's sheathing.

In hot climates, asphalt or composite shingles tend to become less flexible and brittle. That can cause parts of the shingle to break off as well as warp. Shingles can also develop curled edges or dips that look like a cup. Cupping interferes with water drainage and causes the water to pool in the middle of the shingle. Curled edges are also vulnerable to the wind. If the air gets up underneath the shingle, it can easily rip it off the roof during a bad windstorm. This can also occur if the tabs of the shingle become deformed because the irregularity causes the shingles to ripple.

Wind is also responsible for disturbing any loose asphalt granules that might not have been washed into the gutter by the rain. Wind can also completely blow the granules off the roof, depositing the particles around the yard and walkways. Not only does that make the home look unsightly, but the missing particles will leave bare spots on the shingles and expose them to additional heat and rain. Bare spots accelerate aging and cause the shingles to begin to decay. Once the decomposition process begins, the roof is more likely to start leaking.

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