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Many owners of commercial buildings utilize a flat roof for ease of installation and to quickly meet building codes. Commercial buildings may be customized to accommodate specific business needs on the inside and outside, but roofing often takes a backseat to other business considerations. Although flat roofs are commonly installed by Killeen roofing professionals, care and knowledge should be used when planning the materials used to avoid common concerns such as pooling rainwater, inefficient drainage systems and lack of a watertight seal.

Flat and low slope roofing choices include five major types of systems. The first is a built up roof membrane. BUR roofing is also known a tar and gravel roof and has been used extensively over the last century using multiple layers, or plies, of tar or adhesive and aggregate rock or minerals. This type of roofing system can be combined with other roofing materials to provide extra strength, durability and protection from moisture.

Structural metal panels are another option, and these incorporate lap features and sealant to prevent water seepage. Metal panels are also used on high slope roofs due to their appearance and potential for a long lifespan.

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Underlayment may or may not be used on a flat roofing job, depending on the existing support system of the structure. Using a vapor retarder helps prevent condensation build up underneath the panels.

Polymer modified bitumen sheet membranes are relatively newer and have been used for several decades on flat roofs. This material includes layers of fabrics that serve to reinforce and stabilize the polymer modified bitumen during the manufacturing process. Available in self adhering and heat welded forms, polymer modified bitumen can be combined with BUR systems for added moisture protection on flat roofs.

Single ply membranes come in thermoplastic, which softens when heated and hardens when cooled, and thermoset, which remains hard after heated. This type of material is commonly referred to by the chemical acronym EPDM. Single ply membranes can be installed with insulation already adhered for quick insulation on low slope roofs.

Spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, is comprised of two components sprayed onto the roofing surface to increase thermal resistance and provide additional waterproofing to low slope roofs. SPF can be customized with different chemicals to perform in climate specific temperature ranges. Adding sand or minerals to the coating increases sturdiness and helps compensate for uncontrollable conditions such as humidity and wind speed, making it a desirable choice in warmer climates.

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