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When a home or cabin needs to have its roof replaced, asphalt shingles are often the material of choice, due to their wide availability, low cost and ease of installation. However, many homeowners prefer something that is more rustic, natural looking and traditional. Cedar shakes can be installed by an experienced Killeen roofing service for homeowners who are seeking a beautiful and long lasting roofing system.

Cedar shingles can be put on top of asphalt shingles, although some communities may not allow this practice due to safety and fire code concerns. In most instances, a roofing crew will manage a complete tear off the old rooftop. The next step of the installation process is to inspect the wooden decking to ensure it is structurally sound. Once this is done, a new layer of underlay and roofing felt will be placed. If the homeowner would like to add insulating boards, this can be done as well. After all these layers are laid, the roofers will start to work on applying the shakes.

Each cedar shingle will be held into place with two rust resistant roofing nails. The shingles are oriented such that the thicker portion is directed downward. The nails must be hammered through the shingle four inches above the bottom and one inch in from the sides to avoid splitting the wood.

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Because rain, fog and high humidity levels cause cedar to expand, each shingle must have a 1/4 inch gap between it and other shingles adjacent to it.

Care must be taken so that the shingles are properly aligned with one another. To help ensure the rows are straight, most contractors use a piece of white chalk and simply draw straight lines on the roofing felt. Once the first row is in place, the roofers will then draw another chalk line across the shingles to indicate where the second row should be installed. Only one layer of shingles is needed to attain good coverage and protection from the elements.

Work continues up the roof until the ridge is reached. A ridge cap made from metal is installed along this exterior angle, as are vents to help with air flow in the attic space of the house. Any shingles overhanging the roof's edge will need to be trimmed.

If desired, the property owner can have the rooftop sealed, which can prolong its lifespan and slow down the weathering process. The cedar shingles can also be stained or painted depending upon the homeowner's preferences.

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