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Regardless if it's a new roof or an old one, having a leak is nothing short of a nightmare for the homeowner. As soon as a leak is noticed, it's important for the homeowner to contact a roofer before serious damage is done. Leaks indicate that there is something wrong with the roof, and it either needs to be replaced or repaired by a Killeen roofing professional. Although homeowners know that leaks are bad, very few know what causes leaks. While there is a nearly never ending list of things that can cause leaks, there are three common causes that every homeowner should be on the lookout for.

The most common cause of leaks is one that doesn't affect all homes, only those with skylights. Anytime a hole is cut into the roof to allow a fixture to penetrate the roofing deck, homeowners become more vulnerable to leaks. This is why, although pretty, skylights can be an owner's worst nightmare. There are a few reasons why a skylight might start leaking, and it can be difficult for the homeowner to figure it out alone. The leak may be caused by bad flashing, micro fractures or thermal expansion.

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Hiring a professional is the only way that the homeowner can rest assured that the problem is solved correctly the first time.

As seen with skylights, anything that penetrates the roof can be a cause for concern, and the chimney is no different. The seam in which the roof comes into contact with the chimney is another area where leaks are common. These leaks are usually caused by cracking caulk, bad flashing or a cracked cement cap. Professional roofers determine the cause of the leak by inspecting the area and looking for obvious signs of wear and tear. Even if the flashing is in good shape, water can still get under it. This is why it's also important to ensure that the caulk around the chimney isn't cracking.

Vent pipes are another area of the roof that require a lot of attention. Once again, this is because a hole was cut into the roofing deck so that the pipe could exit through the top of the roof. With vent pipes, it's not only the seal around the vent pipe that can cause leaks but the pipe itself. As the pipes age, they become rusted and cracked, creating the perfect entry point for water to seep into the home. However, bad sealant or old roof cement can also cause leaks, just like deteriorating flashing.

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