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It is becoming increasingly common for Killeen roofing professionals to field questions regarding sustainable roofing practices and methods for improving energy efficiency in the home. The use of sustainable roofing practices and cool roofing techniques benefit homeowners in a number of ways. Not only is the use of cool roofing beneficial to the environment by reducing energy use, but it also benefits homeowners by lowering their energy expenditures by what can be a significant margin.

One of the more popular cool roofing methods is the use of roofing materials that boast high rates of emissivity and reflectivity. Increases in each result in the reduction of the overall cooling load of the home, thereby reducing energy use and saving the homeowner money on energy expenses. While these newly developed roofing materials are certainly beneficial in increasing a home's energy efficiency, it is still vital that homeowners realize that proper ventilation is an important component of efficient energy use. Even with new materials in place, improper ventilation may still lead to many undesirable issues, including moisture buildup in the attic that can encourage mold growth and ultimately require extensive repair.

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The use of solar reflectant materials is effective in improving the efficiency of a roofing system due to the fact that there is less of a heat gain into the attic. Increasing an existing roof's solar reflectance properties is often as easy as applying a light colored coat of paint.

Reducing the heat gain in the attic space is essential for increased energy efficiency. Heat reduction can also reduce the likelihood of warm air and moisture combining to create conditions that result in the degradation of any exposed sheathing in the attic. Reducing the heat gain in the attic alone is not enough, however, as inadequate ventilation can still lead to conditions that adversely affect a roof and its components.

Homeowners who are considering the installation of a new roof that relies on sustainable and cool roofing technologies should understand that an efficient ventilation system is still a necessity and should not be overlooked. Although modern sustainable materials are undeniably effective in reducing heat gain in the attic, it remains necessary for the materials to be properly installed and complemented with other roofing components to ensure proper roof function. A ventilation system that appropriately balances air intake and exhaust into the attic is essential, and the combination of exceptional ventilation and cool roofing materials can have a significant and positive effect on energy efficiency within the home.

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