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As the hot Texas sun can make spending time outside difficult, many homeowners find themselves planting large trees to gain more shade. They don't stop and think about how those trees can impact other areas of the lawn and the home itself, including the roof. The shade produced by those trees creates the perfect environment for algae. Algae only needs moisture, a little darkness and some heat to survive. Those trees create a dark and dank environment that worsens as the humidity level rises and rain falls. Killeen roofing companies want their clients to understand how algae impacts a home and roof and how contractors can remove it.

Algae can appear slightly green, brown or even blue. If the roof also develops a mildew problem, it may appear slightly lighter or have a white powdery substance along the edges. Though some think that rains will wash away the mildew and algae, those rains will only make the substances grow larger and spread. The algae can eventually spread onto the walls and spread inside homes through open windows, vents and other openings. It can even live inside walls and produce mold spores that make homeowners' and their families' breathing worsen or lead to other types of sickness.

In addition to sickness, algae can also cause damage to the roof and any materials found on that roof.

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The granules used on asphalt and composition shingles do not offer any protection against algae, and the algae can actually strip the granules from those shingles. The substance can also change the slope of the roof and lead to clogs inside the gutters and downspouts.

Though homeowners may find remedies online for clearing algae, many of those remedies are risky and potentially dangerous. Bleach and other toxic chemicals can strip the granules off shingles and even change the color of those shingles. As the liquids run off the roof, the chemicals can kill any plants near the home and leave brown or black patches on the lawn.

Professionals know how to clean roofs and kill algae without damaging any part of the lawn, nearby garden or home itself. They can use chemicals that kill the algae without damaging other vegetation and use tools that look like rakes to scrape the algae off the roof without pulling the shingles off too. Many local companies work with homeowners every year to inspect their roofs and remove algae in the late spring or early summer when it becomes most prevalent.

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