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Studies show that air leakage accounts for more than 40 percent of heat loss through walls, floors and roofs. Killeen roofing companies realize that if heat can escape, it can also get in, adding to the workload of air conditioning units dealing with the warm Texas climate.

Eliminating air leakage takes a number of forms. Spray foam, or isocyanate, insulation in ceilings cuts off air movement completely. Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation that works like a wool sweater, allowing air to pass through in every direction, spray foam insulation forms an impermeable barrier to air infiltration.

Homeowners who buy from local home centers have access to an expanding foam insulation of this type in the form of an aerosol can with a tube. When this product makes contact with air, it expands to fill in and seal cracks around doors and windows, or any other place, including foundations.

The version of this product used for entire houses resembles the aerosol can but on a much larger scale. Installers wear protective suits, goggles and respirators when using it.

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The reaction that results from the mixing of two chemicals, from tanks resembling those from a propane grill, creates a foam that expands, creeps into any small gaps and then cures to form an airtight solid.

Roofing companies that deal with spray foam insulation use a special type designed for installation after construction, such as during roof replacement. The type they use, closed cell foam insulation, features a very dense cell structure that not only cuts off air but also serves adequately as a water vapor barrier. This allows it to supply the additional benefit of reducing the potential of mold and mildew in humid climates.

A rough estimate, based on a 3,000 square foot home, demonstrates annual savings on heating and cooling costs of up to $400 compared to conventional insulation. Installation goes quickly as well. One experienced installer can typically do an entire attic in one day, including the necessary prep work.

Sealing air leaks with this method is a sound investment because the cost of the material and installation happens only once but continues to provide a return on the investment year after year. On average, it takes only three to four years for the savings on utility bills to break even with the cost of the project. In some localities, utility companies, governments and the retailers and manufacturers of spray foam insulation make rebate and incentive programs available for energy efficiency projects to help offset the cost.

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