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Dealing with snow and ice buildup during the winter can be difficult. Not only can such weather result in superficial damage around the home, but it can also cause extensive problems to the property's rooftop. When too much snow and ice begin to weigh down on the roofing system, there is a very real chance of a complete structural collapse. Killeen roofing experts can provide homeowners with a wide variety of maintenance services that can help keep snow off of the roof, but few are as effective as a roofing system that is designed to melt snow before it has the chance to accumulate and cause problems.

Heated roofing systems can allow homeowners to enjoy all of the standard benefits that come with their shingle installations, but with the additional advantages of snow melting heat. These systems work through hidden snow melt mats, which are placed underneath the roofing materials in order to allow heat to transfer up to their surfaces. These mats are designed to eliminate ice dams and snow buildup, guaranteeing that the meltwater glides down the roofing system without damaging the shingles.

These mats are advantageous in that they can be placed under just about any type of roofing material. They can be set under asphalt singles, wood shakes, slate shingles and even clay to provide homeowners with their long term benefits.

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The heating mats usually come with a self adhesive backing, which means that all that contractors have to do is use a heat gun to help the materials adhere to the surface underneath the shingles.

Another advantage that comes with these systems is the fact that they can effortlessly work with flat roofing installations as well. Business owners will be able to receive the same benefits as homeowners as heating surfaces are able to be effortlessly set beneath existing rubber and PVC membranes. They can be a great way to prevent excess weight from stressing the building's upper support structures.

These systems are also energy efficient. Despite some misconceptions, they do not need to be left on all the time. They are usually connected to a special timer or a moisture sensor, which guarantees that they are only left on for a few hours every day. This helps homeowners save energy by using the heating system when they need it most, ensuring that no matter when a heavy storm hits, the rooftop will be safeguarded against potential moisture and structural damage.

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