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Polyvinyl Chloride membrane roofing, usually called PVC or simply vinyl roofing, may be a good choice for certain flat or low slope roof designs. While PVC roofing has a relatively long lifespan and higher durability compared to other roof types, it is also more costly. It can come in a variety of colors, but it is overall less stylish than other types of materials. This means it is usually reserved for commercial or industrial applications, and it is less likely to be considered for residential structures. A Killeen roofing contractor can help a client determine if a PVC roof is the right choice for his or her needs.

Various additives are included in a PVC membrane to help it last longer and remain durable. One common problem with polymers like PVC is deterioration in sunlight, so UV stabilizers are often added to the material to prevent this. Plasticizers are an important addition that helps the PVC remain flexible and resistant to damage from impacts such as falling branches or foot traffic. Thicker sheets of PVC will be more resistant to the common problem of plasticizer migration that can cause the sheet to become brittle and prone to damage even in warmer temperatures.

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Although PVC roofing is long lasting, like all roof materials, it does deteriorate over time. The material is very heat resistant when light in color and homeowners can expect a temperature change of less than 20 degrees in direct sunlight compared to the 90 degree changes common of darker roof types. Colder climates, however, tend to make PVC roofing brittle and extremely vulnerable to damage if walked on or if heavy limbs or other debris fall on the roof. This can occur when temperatures drop below 50 degrees, and the likelihood increases the lower the temperature gets.

As the roof ages, the most common types of wear are shrinkage and curling at the edges. This can lead to leaks, especially around seams and roof projections such as chimneys. A worn or damaged PVC roof usually needs to be replaced because repairing these sections is difficult. Sections of PVC are usually welded together with hot air. These welds are usually not very strong and can be prone to separation, and additional sealants tend not to adhere well to the PVC material.

Another concern with PVC material is the environmental toxins that it may release. Dioxin is a common chemical that is released during the manufacturing and the disposal of PVC. This toxin is bioaccumulative, which means it can build up in living organisms and systems and lead to long term environmental damage or disease.

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