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Although the roof is an extremely important part of any property, it rarely receives the appropriate care and maintenance it needs. Homeowners should be aware that properly maintaining and inspecting their roofs will make them function better and last longer. According to Alamo Heights roofing professionals, homeowners can safely inspect their own roofs from the ground using binoculars to look for some common warning signs.

The shingles' condition should be assessed carefully. Ones that are losing a significant amount of their mineral granules, a process known as balding, are either nearing the end of their lifespans or failing. These granules can be found in gutters and the areas where downspouts empty out. Homeowners should also be on the lookout for shingles that appear to be missing, loose, dislodged, buckling or curling as these are all signs that indicate a problem is present that requires a professional roofing contractor.

Areas where shingle patterns are naturally interrupted by chimneys, vents and skylights should also be carefully inspected. Flashing should be securely in place. These are common areas where leaks can occur. If anything appears to be loose or protruding, a roofing expert should be called in.

Inside their homes, homeowners should also check to see if there are brown or yellow stains on their ceilings, which is a sure sign of a leak occurring somewhere on the roof.

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If left unchecked, these leaks can eventually cause major damage to a roof. If possible, homeowners should inspect the unfinished parts of their attics to see if there are stains present, which indicate that water is getting beneath the shingles in one or more areas.

It's crucial to be aware of a roof's age since most asphalt shingle roofs have an expected lifespan of around 20 to 25 years. Once a roof reaches 20 years of age, homeowners should be aware of the fact that it may need to be replaced at any time.

In addition to looking out for the above-mentioned warning signs, homeowners should keep branch limbs and other vegetation trimmed well away from the roof. Not only can it cause severe damage during a storm, but the constant scraping of branches and limbs day after day can damage shingles and cause granules to wear off quicker than they normally would.

Properly maintaining and inspecting a roof can extend its lifespan and provide better protection for a home. Homeowners who have any doubts about the integrity of their roofs or notice any of these warning signs should contact a professional roofer as soon as possible.

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