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Alamo Heights Roofing: Article About The Importance Of Flashing

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Although the roofing shingles are the main component of the roof that protects against the outside elements, a roof that does not have flashing is more likely to leak. This is because flashing provides another barrier against moisture intrusion in certain areas of the roof. If homeowners find that their roof is leaking, the problem may be due to improperly installed flashing, damaged flashing or even a lack of flashing.

Flashing is a piece of sheet metal that is installed under the shingles on certain areas of the roof. These areas include any roof valleys and roof protrusions as well as around skylights. The flashing essentially covers the gap left by the shingle placement. For example, flashing is installed around chimneys and vent pipes to prevent moisture from getting in where the chimney or pipe goes down into the home. An Alamo Heights roofing contractor can help homeowners identify where they need flashing on their roofs.

There are several different types of roof flashing. Step flashings are small L-shaped pieces of metal that are installed where the roof meets a wall. This prevents moisture from seeping into the wall where the shingles stop.

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Drip edge is installed along the eaves of the roof to prevent water from backing up underneath the shingles. Valley flashing is woven between the shingles in the roof valley, and chimney flashing or pipe flashing surrounds these particular roof penetrations.

In some cases, it can be easy to determine if roof leaks are being caused by improperly installed or damaged flashing. If the flashing appears to be corroded through, it is likely not protecting the home from the elements. If the flashing is sticking out from underneath the shingles, the roof is also at risk for leaks. If problems with the flashing are easily noticeable, repairs should be completed quickly to prevent any major damage to the roof.

If the roof is leaking and there is no visible damage, the flashing could still be a problem. Homeowners may be able to determine where the leak is coming from by finding the source of the water when it rains. They may also be able to see sunlight coming through their roof into their attic on sunny days.

In the event that the flashing is damaged or is causing the leak, homeowners should contact their trusted roofers as soon as possible. Switching out the flashing will save money on roof repairs and even potentially extend the life of the roof.

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