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Most people are familiar with solar panels because they are large and hard to miss. The panels are photovoltaic (PV), which means they absorb light particles called photons. PV panels are made with semi-conductive materials which allow the photons to flow through them to create electrical current. They are reliable and durable. Installing solar panels can potentially save money through lower electric bills.

Building owners planning to use solar energy must consider a variety of factors before they have the equipment installed at their home or business. At times, tax incentives or credits are available for solar installations. Some of those can cut the costs to almost nothing. Many power companies will buy power that's generated beyond what the building needs, which helps make installing solar panels even more economically feasible.

If a building is newly constructed, solar panels can be installed as the roof is being built. If the building is already in use, the existing roof must first be examined for structural integrity. The professionals at Alamo Heights Roofing can evaluate the condition of older roofs to determine whether any repairs or upgrades need to be done before solar panels can be installed.

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Owners must then decide on what kind of equipment they want to have installed for capturing sunlight. Manufacturers make many kinds of solar panels, so there's something available for almost all types of roofs. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Factors to consider include the size and steepness of the roof and local building codes. The location of the building is important also. Daily sunshine varies depending on geographic location. Also, nearby trees and landscaping can affect the efficiency of PV panels, as can tall buildings and other obstructions.

The cost of installation can depend on the roof; for very steep roofs, it can be expensive. Tile and shake shingle roofs also create extra installation costs. Installation of PV panels generally requires drilling holes through the roofing material to the rafters and bolting mounts to the rafters. Rails are attached to the mounts, then the panels are installed on the rails. All the holes must be sealed. Flashing may need to be added around the mounts.

The rails allow flexibility in how the solar panels are placed. This allows them to be installed on roofs that aren't angled or shaped for maximum exposure. If it becomes necessary later, the position of the panels can be changed without replacing the roof. They can also be removed and re-installed when conditions require a new roof.

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