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It's important to prepare your roof for the winter because some of the harshest weather usually occurs during the colder months. For example, it's not unusual for freezing rain, hail or heavy snow to put a strain on your roof. You can help to minimize the damage that your roof can sustain during the cold months by taking some specific steps. If you need help preparing your roof for the winter, contact a dependable Alamo Heights roofing professional for assistance.

As a homeowner, the first step that you can take to winterize your roof is to remove any debris from the structure. Leaves, litter and broken branches can trap moisture, which can eventually lead to mold, slow leaks and structural damage. Although these problems don't manifest immediately, they can lead to serious problems over time. In addition, you also need to trim any tree branches that encroach on your roof. They can break during harsh weather and potentially cause serious damage to your roof such as broken shingles and holes.

Although all gutters and downspouts should be as clear as possible at all times, it is especially crucial during the winter season. During the warmer months, clogged gutters can prevent the proper drainage of water. In the winter, however, the water that pools from a clogged gutter turns into ice. These ice dams can cause extensive damage because they completely prevent water from draining away from the roof, which eventually leads to roof leaks.

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Snow or rain that accumulates on the roof can also add excess weight, which can cause the roof to sag. This problem can be prevented by completely removing all debris from your gutters before the winter season starts. As an extra precaution, you can also install heating cables on your roof to melt away any snow or ice that develops. An experienced roofer can install the cables and then remove them once the winter season is over.

To prevent roofing problems during the winter, you also need to consider replacing any missing roofing materials such as shingles. In addition to enhancing your roof's appearance, replacing missing roofing materials will prevent leaks from developing. Your entire roof should be inspected for any signs of damage that could be exacerbated by the cold weather such as damaged flashing. It's also important to thoroughly check your roof for signs of pests. Mice, snakes and other small creatures often take up residence in a warm attic when the weather gets colder. In many cases, these creatures gain access through the vulnerable areas in a roof. You can prevent an infestation by ensuring that your roof is structurally sound and secure.

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