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During a home inspection or a remodeling or reroofing project, a homeowner may find asbestos shingles or asbestos containing coal tar roof cement on the home. If the roofing system is in good condition, the presence of these materials will not be a problem. If the rooftop is showing signs of wear and tear or if any of the shingles have become loose or damaged, experienced Alamo Heights roofing contractors will need to do an inspection and repair service. Homeowners have several options when it comes to dealing with the presence of asbestos.

When the city code permits, the roofers may be able to install a new roof on top of the asbestos shingles and cement. This works best if the homeowner selects a metal roof. Metal roofing panels are designed to be placed on top of old layers of shingles. The worn shingles act as an insulator for the home and help to minimize any noise from rain falling against the metal. The installers will need to take precautions when fastening the metal strips to the old rooftop so that no fibers are loosened.

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Since a typical metal roof usually lasts for 50 years, this solution may be ideal for many property owners.

No new asbestos shingles are available for making repairs to this type of a roof. This is due to an Environmental Protection Agency regulation enacted in 1989, which initiated a ban on the production of new asbestos products and a phase-out of existing materials. If there are only a few shingles missing or damaged, the homeowner may have a few options for making necessary repairs. In some situations, new asphalt shingles can be affixed to the roof to replace damaged or missing asbestos pieces.

If municipal requirements stipulate that the materials containing asbestos be removed, then this will need to be done before the home's roof can be replaced. Any ventilation ducts will need to be closed during the removal process. The home's intake air vents as well as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will also need to be shut down. In some cases, the residents of the house may need to vacate while the materials are stripped off the roof. Most states require that a special permit be issued for the removal and safe disposal of asbestos shingles. Local roofing contractors can ensure that all local and state environmental regulations are followed during this type of home repair project.

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