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Alamo Heights Roofing: Article About Beauty Of Clay With Metal Advantages

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Today's steel metal roofing systems can perfectly mimic nearly any type of roofing material. Home and business owners in the Southwest often desire the timeless beauty of Spanish Colonial architecture's barrel-shaped clay tiles.

Half-barrel tiles are made from local clay that's then baked in the desert sun, and until now, no other material could mimic its appearance. Nowadays, Alamo Heights roofing pros can suggest realistic-looking replicas of half-barrel tiles for homeowners who desire this striking look for their properties.

Many metal roofing manufacturers have recognized the huge market opportunity that these uniquely Hispanic designs represent and have fabricated steel tile models that come in meter-wide panels in lengths of up to 20 feet, usually available in 1-foot increments. A roofer can then apply these panels over a building's existing solid substrate.

These fabricated steel tiles are available in an array of colors including red, green, brown, white and even ocean blue, and these shades are designed to mimic those found in natural clay tiles. Homeowners can select colors that highlight the property itself, natural setting of their home or even the surrounding gardens.

The decision to go with a metal tile roof should be a careful one.

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A significant advantage of choosing to go with metal instead of traditional tiles is its longevity. Owners will be living with their choices for decades to come.

Steel panels, while resembling clay tiles almost exactly, are far stronger than natural clay. The lifespan of the steel roof is an estimated 45 years. The panels are fabricated from high-quality steel, usually 26 gauge, then covered with various protective paints and coatings.

The systems snap together with a roll-formed tongue-and-groove lock along the sides of each panel. None of the individual systems are visible after being installed correctly. The roof must have a minimum slope of 3:12; that is, 3 inches of rise, or height, for each 12 inches of run, or horizontal measure.

Natural clay tiles are notorious for their susceptibility to breaking. Hail, falling tree branches and people walking on them very often result in them breaking, necessitating frequent replacements.

Another advantage of using the steel tiles is that they weigh considerably less than clay, an estimated 600 to 800 pounds less per square. Most steel tile weighs just over 100 pounds per square. This lesser weight makes it possible for a roof to have the desired clay tile look without its underlying structure having to be strengthened.

Most of the steel panel systems out there are Energy Star Rated, which allows the building owner or homeowner to benefit from a tax credit.

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